Making Everyone Benefit from

the Blockchain Technology

The Network of Platforms built to serve users of varied interests and sharing the Collective Profits with members.

The real reason for any platform's success is their users and we believe they deserve a part of the success!

How it all began!

The business started when a visionary met few dreamers and decided to build a platform whose members will share in its profit. The intention was blessed with a stream of ideas leading to the ecstatic feeling of helping hundreds of thousands of unknown people AND a list of platforms to be developed to provide the missing qualities in similar existing platforms on top of the profit share

What Builds the Network!

The platforms in the ecosystem include a Publisher-centric Social Network, a Service Marketplace, a Product price comparison Platform, a Cryptocurrency Exchange and many more.

The platforms currently in-focus are ADZbuzz - the social network & Buzzex - the cryptocurrency exchange. The rest are in the pipeline waiting for the right time to get attention.

ADZcoin, the Digital Asset!

We believe in Blockchain technology and to benefit varied class of Internet users that the business intends to serve, we created a cryptocurrency, the ADZcoin that also acts as a fuel running the ecosystem.

Valuable for Advertisers

ADZcoin, ultimately represents the ad space on the platform which can be owned by advertisers for life and use to advertise variety of offers anytime. Ad space can also be lent to the company and earn passively.

Valuable for Investors

ADZcoin not only has a limited supply but due to the nature of ADZcoin, that it is sent to a burn address to buy lifelong Ad space on the network, it has a deflationary supply and hence more valuable for investors.

ADZcoin has a constant demand not only from advertisers, traders or investors but also from the company.

Valuable for Members

The business use ADZcoin for sharing profits with members by buying it from the open market. Members can then hold it, buy lifelong ad space through it or sell for other Crypto or Fiat currency.

Valuable for Traders

ADZcoin acts as a base currency on ADZbuzz Exchange, that can be traded with all other currently traded cryptocurrencies. Traders get a percentage of trading fee back that can be used to buy dividend paying tokens.

The business operates as a Going Concern entity with the vision of continuous expansion to keep sharing substantial profit with ever growing member base, while providing the best quality service possible at the time.

We love when you enjoy what we create! Visit us and have fun!!